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Hacking for Beginners Step by Step guide to become hacker

you wanna learn how to hack? you have to start learning it step by step.You may be a beginner in hacking now but you can be a professional hacker in few months if you are on the right path.
Hackers are often misrepresented as “evildoers” bent on stealing money and personal information from individuals and businesses. Although there are quite a few computer criminals around the world, most hackers are simply people who love learning about computers. Typically, these two groups are categorized as White Hat Hackers and Black Hat Hackers.

White Hat Hackers are benevolent security experts that do not seek profits from illegal network access. This has actually become quite a big business in itself as most major technology companies such as Google and Microsoft have started to offer bounties for security vulnerabilities that are discovered by White Hat Hackers. White Hat Hacking and Penetration Testing teaches you how to become an ethical hacker.

Black Hat Hackers are the people who use their knowledge of computers for illegal or unethical purposes. These are the people who create viruses and Trojans with the intent of stealing personal information from unsuspecting computer users. Although the media and Hollywood often portray this activity in a positive light, illegal hacking activities will usually land you in jail. It also brings a bad name to many real hackers who do not participate in these illicit activities.

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What is the Best Way to Learn Hacking for Beginners?

The Best Way is what you learn from the Hacking tutorials and tricks you should learn it completely not like stop learning one thing when you felt its difficult to learn or for some other reason and start learning other methods and tricks.You know it could ruin the whole game for you

Begin with the Basics of hacking

For beginners who have little or no previous knowledge of hacking, it is always better to start off with the basics. Instead of directly learning how to hack, you can begin exploring more about topics such as computer networks, network ports, firewalls, common network protocols like IP address, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP etc. along with how each of those stuff works.

You can also begin to learn more about alternate operating systems Linux whose knowledge becomes very much essential in the field of hacking. The more you learn about the basics, the easier it is to find vulnerabilities and device exploits. Once you develop a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts, you will be in a position to easily understand various hacking techniques that are in practice.Just Like Hacking for beginners is neither very easy nor very hard it’s in the medium grade just don’t lose hope on some difficult problem that you can’t solve

Find a Good Source to Start Learning

If one has a fair amount of experience in the field of hacking, there exists so many books and websites that give out technical information on latest vulnerabilities along with possible ways to exploit them. However, for beginners, it is hard to find sources that teach hacking right from the basics in a simple and easy to follow manner.

You can also buy ebooks from the amazon on hacking or from any other online books retailers because ebooks are the best resource for learning.There are quite knowledgeable peoples around the globe who wants to share their knowledge with people via amazon and other bookstores.I have Seen books on amazon and find that most of the books are made only for the beginners if you want to learn the hacking properly and not in parts from the web then buy a good book or series of the books to learn the hacking completely.I am going to list down some of the books that I find are good for the beginners.

Hacking For beginners EBook

Hacking for beginners ebook 1
Hacking for beginners
The book starts with basic concepts like footprinting, scanning, network reconnaissance, OS fingerprinting etc. and advances to higher level concepts like password cracking, Windows hacking, network sniffing, wireless hacking, steganography, DoS, XSS, SQL injection, buffer overflow, session hijacking and email hacking.
The following are some of the highlighting features of the book:

  • Learn Hacking from the Basics. 
  • Extremely Easy to Follow. 
  • No Prior Knowledge of Hacking is Required. 
  • Get Latest Hacking Techniques and Practical Examples. 

So, if you are a beginner with a little or no prior background of hacking.

 Learn Programming(Optional)

If you want to take your hacking skills one step ahead, programming is something that you can’t skip down. Although you can easily find a lot of ready made tools and programs that let you hack with ease, it is always better to have some basic knowledge of programming languages like PHP and JavsScript so that you will be in a position to develop your own tools and exploit codes.And What programming languages are you going to learn for hacking and how there are many programming languages around to learn but you need to learn those what will be helpful for you in hacking.Before you start writing poems you have to learn basic grammar. Before you break the rules you have to learn the rules. But if your ultimate goal is to become a hacker, you’re going to need more than basic English to write your masterpiece.
  • Python is a good “language” to start off with because it’s cleanly designed, well documented, and relatively kind to beginners. Despite being a good first language, it is not just a toy; it is very powerful, flexible, and well-suited for large projects. Java is an alternative, but its value as a first programming language has been questioned. 
  • If you get into serious programming, you will have to learn C, the core language of Unix. C++ is very closely related to C; if you know one, learning the other will not be difficult. C is very efficient with your machine’s resources, but will soak up huge amounts of your time on debugging and is often avoided for that reason, unless the efficiency of your computer is especially important. 
  • It is probably a good idea to use a good starting platform such as Backtrack 5 R3, Kali or Ubuntu

Network Hacking for beginners

Another useful skill is hacking websites and other network resources. Although many hackers tend to specialize in one specific area of computer science, understanding how computers communicate across networks and provide information to visitors via websites is an essential part of becoming a real hacker.

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There are tons of ways to hack websites depending on the hosting server and technology used on the site (such as, PHP, etc.). There are actually multiple websites available on the Internet that are designed to be hacked. These sites teach you everything from SQL injection to XSS attacks.

Learning Computer Networking is almost as important as learning to program.

In addition to understanding how to breach a website, you should also spend some time learning UNIX and Linux. The majority of Web servers around the world are operated from one of these two OSs and you will be well served by becoming intimately familiar with the inner workings of the Apache Web Server (Linux-based).

How Long does it Take to Master the Skills of Hacking 

for beginners?

Since hacking is not something that can be mastered overnight, you should never be in a hurry to get going. It requires knowledge, skills, creativity, dedication and of course the time. Depending upon the amount of effort and dedication you put, it can take up anywhere between a few months to few years to develop all the necessary skills. Everyone can become a hacker provided they learn it from the basics and build a solid foundation. So, if you want to be a hacker all you need is the passion for learning, a good source of knowledge that will guide you through the basics and some perseverance.


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